Teaching Experiences

  • August 2017: Optimization Bootcamp

During this class, retakers will be given a second chance to pass the Modelling the Systems World class again. As such, we will first go through the class materials again, by focusing specifically on being as clear as possible for the students having difficulties. Multiple practice session and exam rehearsals are then given, before the students get a second chance at taking the final exam.

  • May 2017 – August 2017: Advanced Mathematics 1

During this class, the students will learn basic concepts of Functional Analysis, such as computing derivatives using the rules of calculus, applying those calculations to find maxima and minima and accurate approximations in problems coming from engineering. Furthermore, they will be producing exact integrals by algebra and finding approximate integrals numerically, using integral calculus to solve for the important quantities in engineering design of continuous systems. Finally, a short introduction to ODEs is provided, by solving basic differential equations of growth and oscillation.

More info: https://www.sutd.edu.sg/Education/Unique-Academic-Structure/Freshmore-Subjects/10-001-Advanced-Mathematics-I

  • January 2017 – May 2017: Modelling the Systems World @ SUTD

The subject is divided into two parts – Systems Modelling and Systems Optimisation. Systems Modelling introduces the basics of mathematical modeling. Students will also learn how to solve differential equations (first order and second order) and the Laplace Transform method. Systems Optimisation introduces students to mathematical tools for optimization, in particular, convex optimization, numerical solution algorithms, and networks. Throughout the course, a number of applications that require modeling of real-world systems will be discussed.

More info: http://www.sutd.edu.sg/Education/Unique-Academic-Structure/Freshmore-Subjects/10-007-Modelling-the-Systems-World